Advocacy for wildlife in Chicago has gone digital, and Julie Gypsson is the main reason why. Her press releases, her blog, and all her Internet work has done a lot for the advocacy of wildlife in Chicago. Everyone knows that well life is constantly in danger by the expansion of buildings and homes for humans. It is never a case of humans versus about life but impacted humans have on the environment. As we expand and we built to make our lives easier we need not forget about the wildlife around us. As we create industries to put people to work, we also need to pay attention to what we do to the local ecology that wildlife lives in.

Remember it is not an either-or thing it is about protecting the planet, protecting wealth life will also helping humans reach their potential as well. Too often we pick these things against each other, but as Julie Gypsson writes in her works, we can find a happy medium between all what everyone is protected and gets what they want. Through the Internet, she is raising interest in the protection of wildlife in Chicago. Our company is named wildlife risk, and she’s doing a great job of letting people know about the issues they go on with animals around the city as things change, as our industries grow, as we expand further into the suburbs into their natural habitats.

There is a great way for all of us to coexist together and it is good that people like her are writing about this topic on the Internet and bring a lot of traffic in and a lot of individuals are becoming cognizant of the issues that wildlife face in our city. To learn more information about this take a look at some of the exposure here.